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Alice Pinnell Cooper

Property title
Clinical Associate in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Campus Mail: 2608 Erwin Road, Suite 200, Durham, NC 27705
Phone: (919) 668-0011

I am a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner with over 30 years of experience at Duke in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.   I have been so humbled by the opportunity to care for women of all ages, in all seasons of their lives as their clinician, confidant, counselor and guide.  
There is No higher honor than to gain and keep the trust of those you serve.  I have been doubly blessed, as I have now cared for mothers, daughters, siblings, parents, coworkers and colleagues for all of these wonderful years. 
During this time, I have  learned the importance of speaking truth with kindness, of holding fast to the values that also  happen to be the Duke Values that we all ascribe to. 
Teaching in the Medical school, the PA school and the Residency program has afforded the opportunity to be exposed to new ideas, technology and communication approaches.
I have mentored over 100 young women through their decisions to become Nurses, Nurse practitioners or PA's with an emphasis in Women's Health.  
Throughout my tenure at Duke, I have had various leadership roles, and have learned so much from each opportunity.  Effective leadership, I believe, does not speak of power, but instead of influence.  Power comes and goes.  Influence lasts forever.  It is that influence that I hope will be my legacy from my time here.  
Leading with truth and kindness, in all things, from the patient with a difficult clinical situation who needs advocacy, to the boardroom with executives who need a strong voice of reason and integrity.
I am so grateful to be here, to contribute, to care and to lead.   

Education and Training

  • M.S.N., Emory University, 1985