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Geeta Krishna Swamy, MD

Property title
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Campus Mail: Box 3967 Med Ctr, Durham, NC 27710
Phone: (919) 681-5220

Dr. Geeta Swamy, MD, became Vice Chair for Research and Faculty Development in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology on March 1, 2018. In this dual role, Dr. Swamy oversees strategic development and administration of the Department’s basic, translational and clinical research programs, as well as implements and oversees programs to support development and mentorship for all faculty at all levels.

Dr. Swamy has also been instrumental in developing and leading the School of Medicine’s Research Regulatory and Compliance initiatives, first as Chair of the IRB and then as Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Research for Regulatory Oversight and Research Initiatives. In 2018, she became Vice Dean for Scientific Integrity and Associate Vice President for Research for Duke University. In these roles she oversees the Duke Office of Scientific Integrity (DOSI) which houses the Advancing Scientific Integrity, Services, & Training (ASIST) initiative, conflict of interest, clinical quality management, incident response in research, and research misconduct. She also oversees the Duke Office of Research Initiatives which includes the research onboarding and navigation programs.

Dr. Swamy has dedicated her career to advancing research in women’s health and to mentoring faculty and trainees. She is an internationally recognized clinician-researcher, and an expert and nationally-recognized leader in the field of maternal immunization and vaccination in pregnancy. Her research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and others. She currently serves as the Co-Principal Investigator for the NIH-NIAID Vaccine Treatment and Evaluation (VTEU) and CDC-funded Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment, and has published over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts. Dr. Swamy has been the Director of the Duke Perinatal Research Center since 2010. Dr. Swamy's focused area of interests are perinatal infection, maternal immunization and preterm birth.

Education and Training

  • Resident, Obstetrics And Gynecology, University of Pittsburgh, 1997 - 2001
  • M.D., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, 1997

Selected Grants and Awards


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Full Text

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Full Text

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Full Text

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Full Text

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Full Text

Craig, Amanda M., Brenna L. Hughes, and Geeta K. Swamy. “Reply to: Coronavirus disease 2019 vaccine in pregnant women: not so far! The importance of counseling and the need for evidence-based data.” Am J Obstet Gynecol Mfm 3, no. 3 (May 2021): 100323.

Full Text

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Full Text

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