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Suheil Jamil Muasher, MD

Property title
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

I currently hold the position of Director of Graduate Learning and Academic Development.  I am responsible for the education of the second year residents rotating in REI and director of second year medical student rotation in REI.  I give ten resident lectures per year covering all the CREOG educational requirements.  I also conduct case based learning sessions for the medical students throughout the year (2 hours per week). 

I conduct journal club sessions with the fellows in REI on a weekly basis.  I conduct clinical research with the fellows that is translated into abstracts to the ASRM annual meeting and later, publications. 

I am responsible for the departmental journal club conducted twice per year (5 articles presented by residents each time). 

I overlook and co-moderate the departmental research day for the residents and fellows. 

My time is divided into 50% clinical and 50% scholarly activities. 

Education and Training

  • M.D., American University of Beirut (Lebannon), 1976


Dr. Muasher's research interests for the last 30 years has focused on ovarian stimulation protocols for in vitro fertilization. Specifically, he is interested in simplifying the in vitro fertilization procedure for patients, so it can become less costly, less stressful, and more successful. He has also focused on decreasing the risks and complications for patients.


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Full Text

Toth, TL, Baka, SG, Veeck, LL, Jr, HWJ, Muasher, S, and Lanzendorf, SE. "Fertilization and in vitro development of cryopreserved human prophase I oocytes." Fertility and Sterility 61, no. 5 (1994): 891-894.


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Muasher, SJ. "Treatment of low responders." Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics 10, no. 2 (February 1993): 112-114. (Review)

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