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Susan Kay Murphy, PhD

Associate Professor in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Campus Mail: 701 W. Main Street, Suite 510, Room 5140, Durham, NC 27701
Phone: (919) 681-3423

Ovarian and cervical cancer epigenetics, imprinted genes in ovarian and cervical cancers, identification of methylation biomarkers of disease, ovarian cancer stem cells, chemotherapeutic response in ovarian cancer, tumor dormancy, the influence of the in utero environment on DNA methylation and risk of disease.

Education and Training

  • Ph.D., Wake Forest University, 1998
  • B.A., University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 1992

Selected Grants and Awards


York, Timothy P., Shawn J. Latendresse, Colleen Jackson-Cook, Dana M. Lapato, Sara Moyer, Aaron R. Wolen, Roxann Roberson-Nay, et al. “Replicated umbilical cord blood DNA methylation loci associated with gestational age at birth.” Epigenetics, May 24, 2020, 1–16.

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Fuemmeler, Bernard F., Yaou Sheng, Julia C. Schechter, Elizabeth Do, Nancy Zucker, Alesha Majors, Rachel Maguire, Susan K. Murphy, Cathrine Hoyo, and Scott H. Kollins. “Associations between attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms and eating behaviors in early childhood.” Pediatr Obes, March 2, 2020, e12631.

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York, Timothy P., Shawn J. Latendresse, Colleen Jackson-Cook, Dana M. Lapato, Moyer Sara, Wolen R. Aaron, Roxann Roberson-Nay, et al. “Replicated Umbilical Cord Blood DNA Methylation Loci Associated with Gestational Age at Birth.” In Reproductive Sciences, 27:293A-293A. SPRINGER HEIDELBERG, 2020.


Schechter, Julia, Elizabeth K. Do, Junfeng Jim Zhang, Cathrine Hoyo, Susan K. Murphy, Scott H. Kollins, and Bernard Fuemmeler. “Effect of Prenatal Smoke Exposure on Birth Weight: The Moderating Role of Maternal Depressive Symptoms.” Nicotine Tob Res 22, no. 1 (January 27, 2020): 40–47.

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Yang, Wen-Hsuan, Zhiqing Huang, Jianli Wu, Chien-Kuang C. Ding, Susan K. Murphy, and Jen-Tsan Chi. “A TAZ-ANGPTL4-NOX2 Axis Regulates Ferroptotic Cell Death and Chemoresistance in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer.” Mol Cancer Res 18, no. 1 (January 2020): 79–90.

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Schrott, Rose, Kelly Acharya, Nilda Itchon-Ramos, Andrew B. Hawkey, Erica Pippen, John T. Mitchell, Scott H. Kollins, Edward D. Levin, and Susan K. Murphy. “Cannabis use is associated with potentially heritable widespread changes in autism candidate gene DLGAP2 DNA methylation in sperm.” Epigenetics 15, no. 1–2 (January 2020): 161–73.

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Xue, Hong, Rachel L. Maguire, Jin Liu, Scott H. Kollins, Susan K. Murphy, Cathrine Hoyo, and Bernard F. Fuemmeler. “Snacking frequency and dietary intake in toddlers and preschool children.” Appetite 142 (November 1, 2019): 104369.

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Yamanoi, Koji, Tsukasa Baba, Kaoru Abiko, Junzo Hamanishi, Ken Yamaguchi, Ryusuke Murakami, Mana Taki, et al. “Acquisition of a side population fraction augments malignant phenotype in ovarian cancer.” Sci Rep 9, no. 1 (October 2, 2019): 14215.

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Sikdar, Sinjini, Roby Joehanes, Bonnie R. Joubert, Cheng-Jian Xu, Marta Vives-Usano, Faisal I. Rezwan, Janine F. Felix, et al. “Comparison of smoking-related DNA methylation between newborns from prenatal exposure and adults from personal smoking.” Epigenomics 11, no. 13 (October 2019): 1487–1500.

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