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Multi-disciplinary K12 Urologic Research Career Development Program

The KURe is a K12 Institutional Training Grant for talented MDs, PhDs, and MD/PhDs from diverse disciplines that are interested in benign urological diseases and are interested to develop the skills necessary to initiate and sustain an independent research career in benign urological research. 

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Multidisciplinary Benign Urology Research Day 2019

April 26, 2019
Albert Eye Research Institute Auditorium, Duke University

Congratulations to the 2019 Winners

Best Clinical Science Abstract: Oral presentation
Hsin-Hsiao Scott Wang, Michael Li, Dimitri Bertsimas, Carlos Estrada, Caleb Nelson
“Selecting Children with VUR who are most likely to Benefit from Antibiotic Prophylaxis: Application of Machine Learning to RIVUR Data”
Best Basic Science Abstract: Oral presentation
Nathan A Hirshman, Francis M Hughes Jr, Huixia Jin, William Harrison, Isabelle Doan, Simon W White, Shelby Harper, and J Todd Purves.
“Cyclophosphamide-Induced Cystitis Triggers NLRP3-Dependent Neuroinflammation in the Hippocampus and Depression in Rats”
Best Translational Science Abstract: Oral presentation
Zachary E Cullingsworth; Adam P Klausner; Anna S Nagle; John E Speich
“Acute Dynamic Elasticity Revealed in Individuals with Healthy Bladders but not in Those with Detrusor Overactvity during Urodynamics”
Clinical Science Poster Presentation Winner
Russell Terry; Kohldon Boydston; Brenton Winship; Leah Davis; Sarah Yttri; Charles Scales; Michael Lipkin; Glenn Preminger
“The Impact of Alternative Alkalinizing Agents On 24-Hour Urine Collection Parameters”
Basic Science Poster Presentation Winner
Bradley A. Potts, Danielle J. Degoski, Jillene M. Brooks, Matthew O. Fraser
“Striking Differences in the Effects of β3-Adrenoceptor Agonists and Antimuscarinics on Bladder Filling/Voiding Function in Chronic Spinal Cord Injured Rats”
Translational Science Poster Presentation Winner
Dana C. McKee; Eric J. Gonzalez; Warren Grill;  Cindy L. Amundsen
“Randomized Controlled Trial to Assess the Impact of High Concentration Intraurethral Lidocaine on Urodynamic Voiding Parameters”


Welcome our New KURe Scholar


Hae Woong Choi, PhD
Research Scientist
Department of Pathology
Duke University Medical Center

Dr. Choi earned a BS in Life Sciences and a MS in Biochemistry from Korea University. He then completed his PhD in Pathology at   Duke University where he investigated how a virulence factor of Salmonella interferes with the function of innate immune cells. As a postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Choi pivoted his focus from gut infection to bladder infection, seeking to understand how host innate immunity protects a host from lower urinary tract infections (UTIs). He is also participating in contract work with the NIAID to discover novel and highly efficacious vaccine adjuvant candidates.

Dr. Choi's K12 research focuses on providing critical information on the underlying basis for why older women are susceptible to chronic UTIs. Additionally, he plans to develop a UTI vaccine formulated with a novel adjuvant combination to provide boost protective immunity against UTIs for this specific population.



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