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15 Duke Ob/Gyn Physicians Make Business NC's Best Doctors List

Monday, January 6, 2020
Best Doctors 2019

Boston-based Best Doctors, Inc. asks doctors to identify specialists they think are the best in their fields. These lists are excerpted from The Best Doctors in America® 2019-2020 database, which includes close to 40,000 U.S. doctors in more than 450 medical specialty/subspecialty combinations. Congratulations to the following Duke Ob/Gyn doctors for being recognized:

Matthew D. Barber, MD, MHS - Duke Urogynecology
Andrew Berchuck, MD - Duke University Medical Center/DCI
Jennifer Eaton, MD, MSCI - Duke Fertility Center
Anne Ford, MD - Duke Women’s Health Heritage
Laura Havrilesky, MD, MHSc - Duke University Medical Center/DCI
Brenna Hughes,MD, MSc -  
Duke Perinatal Consultants
Andra James, MD, MPH - Duke Perinatal Consultants
Jeffrey Kuller, MD - Duke Perinatal Consultants
Paula Lee, MD, MPH - Duke Women’s Cancer Care Raleigh
Elizabeth Livingston, MD - Duke Perinatal Consultants
Lisa Muasher, MD, MPH - Duke University Medical Center
Thomas Price, MD - Duke Fertility Center
John Schmitt, MD - Duke University Medical Center
Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD, MHSc - Duke University Medical Center/DCI
Anne Steiner, MD, MPH - Duke Fertility Center

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