Mom and Baby

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) Division is a leader in research, education and clinical care. Our internationally-recognized MFM faculty provide expertise in high-risk, complicated pregnancies. Our specialists are trained in the latest, cutting-edge procedures for the evaluation and treatments in maternal-fetal care. We are committed to training the next generation of MFM specialists and providing world-class clinical care.

The Division of MFM is actively involved in clinical research that translates into advances and improvements in clinical care. Duke’s MFM specialists (also called perinatologists) follow patients throughout their pregnancy closely while focusing on personalized care based on risk factors, lifestyle considerations and specific health needs.

The MFM Fellowship Program at Duke University is designed to train fellows by providing a comprehensive experience in Maternal-Fetal Medicine while tailoring the program to each fellow’s special interest. This training includes high volume Maternal-Fetal Medicine clinical services as well as opportunities to train in both clinical and basic research to prepare trainees for a future in academic perinatal medicine.

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