About Duke, Duke Health and Durham

Why Choose Duke?

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Duke offers unique opportunities to engage in global health and community service, as well as world-class research in women’s health. Trainees are also encouraged to become involved in advocacy on a local, state and national level.

Why Choose Duke Health?

Duke Health conceptually integrates the Duke University Health System, the Duke University School of Medicine and the Duke University School of Nursing. It is the combination of research, clinical care and education that takes place through the efforts of our faculty, staff, students and trainees at many different sites throughout our region and worldwide. As a world-class academic and health care system, Duke Health strives to transform medicine and health locally and globally through innovative scientific research, rapid translation of breakthrough discoveries, educating future clinical and scientific leaders, advocating and practicing evidence-based medicine to improve community health and leading efforts to eliminate health inequalities.    

Duke Health’s educational, research and clinical facilities

Why Choose Durham?

Durham is at the apex of North Carolina’s famed Research Triangle, an area formed by Duke University, North Carolina State University in Raleigh (20 miles from Duke) and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (11 miles from Duke). Durham is also close to the coast and the mountains.

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