Research seminar

Katelyn Holliday, PhD
BIRCWH Project: Racial differences in women's physical activity patterns: A GPS-based study

Jamila Minga, PhD
BIRCWH Project: Understanding the impact of sex on communication after right hemisphere brain damage

Haley Moss, MD, MBA
BIRCWH Project: Gynecologic cancer care in Accountable Care Organizations: Identifying opportunities and strategies to improve value

Jamila Minga 2022

Rachel Greenup, MD, MPH
BIRCWH Project: The impact of cost transparency on decisions for breast cancer Surgery

Dori Steinberg, PhD, MS, RD
BIRCWH Project: Using digital health to improve adherence to the DASH diet among women with prehypertension and hypertension

ClarLynda Williams-DeVane, PhD
BIRCWH Project: Genomic data integration methods and strategies towards disease etiology determination in complex women’s specific disease

Stephanie Gaillard, MD, PhD
BIRCWH Project: Evaluating the functional immune and inflammatory profile of gynecologic malignancies

Kris C. Wood, PhD
BIRCWH Project: Identifying and overcoming the pathways of resistance to targeted breast and ovarian cancer therapies

Janet K. Horton, MD
BIRCWH Project: Tailoring radiation to the tumor: Breast cancer radiation response

Martha E. Payne, PhD, MPH, RD
BIRCWH Project: The influence of a weight-loss intervention on mental health in obese women with physical impairment

Darlene K. Taylor, PhD
BIRCWH Project: Towards the ideal drug delivery platform for therapeutics relevant to women’s health

Chad A. Grotegut, MBA, MD
BIRCWH Project: β-arrestin-mediated signaling and desensitization of the oxytocin receptor

Betty C. Tong, MD

Jennifer Wu, MD, MPH

Moria Smoski, PhD

Megan Clowse, MD

Andra James, MD

Phillippa Miranda, MD

Mimi Biswas, MD

Anne Drapkin Lyerly, MD, MA

Diane Gesty-Palmer, MD, PhD

Eleanor Joyce Roland, PhD, MSN

Geeta Swamy, MD