About the Program

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship Program at Duke University is designed to train fellows by providing a comprehensive experience in Maternal-Fetal Medicine while tailoring the program to each fellow’s special interest. This training includes high volume Maternal-Fetal Medicine clinical services as well as opportunities to train in both clinical and basic research to prepare trainees for a future in academic perinatal medicine. 

The department has 17 maternal-fetal medicine faculty members who boast various clinical, epidemiologic and basic research interests. There are approximately ten additional intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary support faculty members. These include participants from the Department of Radiology, Pediatrics (Neonatalogy), Women’s Anesthesia and Medicine. Finally, the division benefits from the support of APPs who help to provide prenatal care in the outpatient setting in addition to those that work on L&D helping with antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum care.

The Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellow Experience at Duke

Duke team with mom and baby holding Duke onesies