Scientific Culture and Accountability

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Ob/Gyn) has a Scientific Culture and Accountability Plan (SCAP) that applies to all personnel engaged in research and serves to foster scientific integrity through innovation, discovery, open communication, and supportive mentorship and training. Alongside the Ob/Gyn research mission that encompasses excellence in basic, clinical and population health research across the lifespan, the SCAP outlines the department’s guiding principles used by all research members for daily research practices. 

The department is committed to ensuring that policies and procedures are in place and followed to reflect the highest professional conduct and rigor. This will further promote a culture in which scientific results are critically reviewed and accountability for data integrity is clearly delineated. The Department will review the SCAP at least annually to ensure continued relevance and compliance in a highly dynamic and fast paced research environment. It is required that all Ob/Gyn faculty, trainees, and staff engaged in research read and attest to adhering to the SCAP within 90 days of employment, following significant changes, and at least every 3 years.



Fundamental principles that guide research practices in the department include:

  • adherence to the highest ethical standards
  • respect for co-workers, collaborators, research subjects, animals used in research, and the scientific method
  • equal participation and responsibility for ensuring research quality and integrity
  • open discussion of any concerns regarding research conduct and integrity

These principles encourage honesty, transparency, and constructive scrutiny of research methods.  Each and every member of the Ob/Gyn Department is expected to reflect and pursue these values. While principal Investigators are responsible to review all primary data, including negative data, all members of the research team are empowered to raise concerns about quality and integrity in a safe environment, without fear of reprisal.

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