Liping Feng, MD
Principal Investigator
Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Associate Research Professor of Global Health
Assistant Professor in Pathology
Contact Information
Chesterfield Building Suite 510, 701 W. Main Street, Durham, NC, 27701


Liping Feng, MD, is an Associate Professor in the Division of Reproductive Sciences in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Duke University Medical Center.

Dr. Feng's research is focused on applying comprehensive molecular and genetic in vitro and in vivo approaches to study the pathogenesis of placenta associated pregnancy complications.

One line of her research is to investigate the impacts of perinatal factors on birth outcomes. These perinatal factors include cesarean section, infection, and environmental chemical exposures such as air pollution, BPA/BPF, PFAS and TCE. The birth outcomes include preeclampsia, thyroid hormone disruption and fetal brain development and immune functions in early life. Her research has focused on understanding these impacts through studying placental development and functions.

Another line of her research is to understand the effects of dysregulated placental signaling on pregnancy outcomes and health of offspring using genetic modified mice models and placental cellular models. 

Placenta on a chip
Characterization of placental chip


Lab Members

Postdoc Fellow and Faculty

Terrence Allen, MD, Associate Professor

Marie Elise Abi Antoun, MD, Postdoc Fellow

Yongjie Liu, PhD, Assistant Professor

Tae Konishi, MD, Research Associate


Graduate Students

Bin Liu

Hannah Medsker

Kerry Zhu


Undergraduate Students

Sara Be, Duke University

Julia Happel, Duke University

Katherine Wang, Duke University

Wayne Wen, Duke University

Derek Yao, UNC


Visiting Scholars

Seong Jin

Chunxia Jing

Yan Meng

Liwen Zhang



Daniel Andrussier

Henry Chen

Christine Crute

Annalies Denoble

Nerlyne Desravines

Luke Ford

Maya Iskandarani

Shuman Li

Melissa Marchese

William Marinello

Zahra Mohseni

Angela Pham

Kate Pryor

Lauren Sayres

Emi Yuan

Jinwen Zhang

Bass Connections Team

Afreen Ashraf

Alice Carroll

Ashley Choi

Nadratun Chowdhury

Xavier Heidelberg

Maya Iskandarani

Elizabeth Lamb

Jenny Li

Kathy Lu

Amelia Martin

Julia Murphy

Angela Pham

Aneesha Raj

Yan Sun

Connie Xiong

Xueqing Yun

Amy Zhao



Timothy Beiswenger

Bernard Canzoneri

James Edwards

Kimberly Fortner

Ravindu Gunatilake 

Daniel Kraus

Carla Ransom

Michael Smrtka

Jennifer Thomson


CRP267, Duke Molecular Biology Techniques Workshop

AMES 270T-5, Duke Asian-Pacific Studies

GLHLTH 395-05, Global Health

GLHLTH 795-05, Global Health



PATHOL 293.09

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