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Charles B. Hammond, MD, Research Day Winners Announced

Monday, May 21, 2018
Research Day Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 Charles B. Hammond, MD, Research Day winners, who presented abstracts on Friday, May 18th during the annual event named in honor of the former Duke Ob/Gyn Chair who served in that role from 1980 - 2002. Abstracts were presented by eight Residents and five Fellows, and winners were determined by a panel of experts comprised of Charles B. Hammond Lecturer and Judge Laura E. Riley, MD; and Distinguished Judges Damla D. Karsan, MD; and Jennifer O. Howell, MD.

Winners are as follows:

RESIDENTS: 1st Place – Benjamin Harris, MD; 2nd Place – Amy Askew, MD; 3rd Place – Ann Tucker, MD. FELLOW:  Jennifer Bickhaus, MD.


Third Year Resident Presenters:

Jaclyn Arquiette, MD

Amy Askew, MD, MPH

Katherine Bishop, MD

Benjamin Harris, MD, MPH

Carrie Jones, MD

Andrew Rivara, MD

Ann Tucker, MD

Ja'Pel Sumpter, MD, MPH

Fellow Presenters:

Jennifer Bickhaus, MD

Jonathan Foote, MD

Sandi Li, MD

Annalisa Post, MD

Amber Wood, MD