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Duke Fertility Center Wins Strength Hope & Caring Award

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Congratulations to the Duke Fertility Center for winning a team Strength, Hope and Caring Award for the quarter. A presentation was held at the DFC at which recognition was given for outstanding efforts by the collective group, and putting patients' first and foremost regardless of challenging circumstances.        

Why the team was nominated...

During a recent snow storm, an outstanding team from Fertility Center went above and beyond and ensured that they reported to work on Monday Dec 10, 2018, when the majority of the PDC/CPDC was closed due to hazardous road conditions. Continuity of care is crucial for patients at the Center.

During that time, the outdoor shed collapsed onto the liquid nitrogen tank, which posed a threat to patient care. The team, especially Lab Director Dr. Doug Rayburn, jumped into action and was able to control the situation. HCA Melanie Hoy, although in her first 60 days at the Fertility Center, was onsite to make calls and arrangements as needed by the team.

Additionally, the day prior to the storm, Division Chief Dr. Anne Steiner, Nurse Manager Randa Blenden and HCA Melanie Hoy were onsite to deliver care to the patients, which had to be done that day due to timing of fertility treatments. The three of them handled all the patients from check-in to checkout, without additional support.                       

"Their selfless acts, on behalf of patients and their families, are what our Duke Values are all about. Doug, who has been the Lab Director for many years, continued to represent excellence through his attention to detail and personal commitment. He was at the lab reporting to our leadership team well into the night for several days," noted Alice Cooper, OGNP, RNC Medical Director, Women's Ambulatory Services and Medical Director, Duke Perinatal Clinic Durham

"Randa and Melanie are new leadership members, but that would have never been evident in their commitment to the safety and well-being of patients and staff during this severe weather event. They have conducted themselves in the same way as team members with long-time investments into a program that is critical to maintain and protect," added Krista Wilson, MHA, RN-BC, CPPS, Director of Operations Private Diagnostic Clinic, PLLC

"Dr. Steiner, in her role as Division Chief since July, also was available and involved in the ongoing needs of the physical building, as well as the patients served at this site, and she is a 'can do' Chief. The team demonstrated Duke values all the way, and were represented by every one of these team members. What an inspiration to us all."

Congratulations to Dr. Anne Steiner, Randa Blenden, Melanie Hoy, Doug Raburn, Dr. Katherine Shia, Dr. Kelly Acharya, Karen Mueller, Laura Haggard, Rita Murrell, Erin White, Anne Wade and Prisclla Davis.