Duke Ob/Gyn Introduces Ready, Set, Baby Curriculum

In the summer of 2019, Duke Ob/Gyn formally announced that Duke Women's Health launched the Ready, Set, Baby curriculum in support of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative. In order to achieve the Baby-Friendly designation, comprehensive education must be provided throughout pregnancy, as well as following delivery. Surveyors will conduct onsite patient interviews to ensure they are receiving this education. 

Ready, Set, Baby materials offer consistent patient education throughout our clinics; it’s an evidence-based educational program designed to counsel prenatal women about maternity care best practices and the benefits and management of breastfeeding. It incorporates information to help women achieve their pregnancy and postpartum goals. Comprised of onsite education by trained clinical staff, as well as distribution of reference guides that serve as a resource throughout all stages of pregnancy/postpartum period (available in English and Spanish at Duke Women’s Health practices and clinics), these materials align with and support the Duke Health Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative.

“Baby-Friendly is the gold standard in women’s healthcare, and I am proud to say that Duke Ob/Gyn has played an important role in the multi-year, complex process toward achieving this prestigious designation. In summary, Baby-Friendly and Ready, Set, Baby go hand-in-hand, and as a team, our collaborative work toward reaching our common goal of delivering exceptional care to women (and their babies) is to be commended,” said Duke Ob/Gyn Department Chair Matthew D. Barber, MD, MHS.

Digital Care – The Next Step

Patients began receiving hard copy Ready Set Baby educational materials in July of 2019. In addition to this formal launch, Duke Ob/Gyn has also brought Ready, Set, Baby to patients via Digital Care, delivering the resources directly to digital devices or computers through Epic/MyChart starting in the winter of 2019.