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Focus on Infertility: Top 5 Must Reads

Thursday, July 21, 2016

In the July 21, 2016 weekly Ob.Gyn News Clinical Edge Focus on Infertility newsletter, two of the top 5 "Must Reads" were published by Duke OB/GYN fellows.  

  • Do Donor Oocyte Cycles Comply With Guidelines? Fertil Steril; ePub 2016 May 13; Acharya, et al.  Dr. Kelly Acharya completed her residency at Duke and  is just starting her fellowship in REI at Duke. Dr. Suheil Muasher was the senior investigator.  This article was presented last year at the ASRM annual meeting as an oral presentation. It points attention to the fact that there is a high rate of non compliance with ASRM/SART guidelines by IVF clinics in the USA in 2011-2012 leading to an unacceptable rate of twin pregnancy in patients using donor eggs.
  • Role of Oocyte Donation on Pregnancy Outcomes. Fertil Steril; ePub 2016 Jun 22; Dude, Yeh, et al.  Dr. Jason Yeh completed his residency at Duke and Dr. Suheil Muasher was the senior investigator.  

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