Happy Birthday, Leap Day Babies!

Duke Health welcomes the arrival of several babies who were born on a day that only comes every four years. These babies were born on Feb. 29 at Duke University Hospital and Duke Regional Hospital.

Among them is baby Chloe Paik, who was delivered by Angel Nieves, MD, PhD. Chloe's mom, Kai Sun, MD, MS, was also born on a leap day and turned 10 this year in leap years.

Kai also happens to be a Duke Health rheumatologist and gave birth to Chloe in the hospital where she works. Chloe arrived a few days past her due date, after Kai was induced. The new mom said the arrival of her newest little one is a delightful birthday surprise, and she looks forward to sharing more birthdays with Chloe and dad Michael Paik in the future. The story was covered broadly, and was covered by programs such as Good Morning America!