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Two Shades of Blue

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Katrina Howard Avery, MD has accepted the nomination as President-elect of the Medical Alumni Association at the UNC School of Medicine.  She will subsequently serve one term as Secretary/Treasurer, Vice-President of the Medical Alumni Association at UNC School of Medicine, and then will serve as President.  

Prior to this nomination, Dr. Avery was an active member with the Medial Alumni Council for three terms.  She is currently serving a second term on the Medical Foundation of North Carolina’s Board of Directors and is active with the Nominating and Governance Committee.  Dr. Avery is also a member of the UNC School of Medicine’s National Loyalty Fund Committee.  She has supported medical student scholarships through establishing the Howard-Avery Loyalty Fund Scholarship over ten years ago.  

At Duke, Dr. Avery was recently named Division Chief of Harris & Smith, OB/GYN, a .  During this time the practice has successfully transitioned from the CPDC to the PDC.  She also serves on the Duke Regional Board of Trustees where she is on the Credentialing, Nominating and PQSC Committees.