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Duke Ob/Gyn Residents Participate in NCMS White Coat Wednesday

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


The North Carolina Medical Society government affairs team established White Coat Wednesdays to give physicians an opportunity to learn more about the legislative process and experience firsthand how the decisions are made at the General Assembly.  These actions can have a direct impact on the ability to provide care to patients. Many hot topics are currently being debated in the House and Senate, including medical liability reform, budget cuts that could impact your Medicaid reimbursement rates and a variety of scope of practice issues that could directly affect specialties of practice.

Every Wednesday morning, the NCMS government team briefs White Coat Wednesday participants about legislative activities. Handouts/talking points are made available to ensure participants are well equipped to speak with confidence about specific pieces of legislation and can incorporate your personal stories and experiences into conversations with our legislators.

Following the briefing, participants head down with NCMS staff members to the General Assembly and meet one-on-one with legislators; take part in committee meetings and see the General Assembly in action; and begin building relationships with legislators for the future.