Jenny Wu, MD

Jenny Wu, MD
Residency Program - PGY3


Residency Program

Start Year: 


Why did you choose Duke for your residency training?

As a Duke medical student, I believe the department has been so formative in shaping my career goals and modeling high-quality care across the reproductive spectrum. I have felt so well-supported throughout my time here by mentors who care not only about my professional but also my personal development. I have been impressed by the dedication to advocacy, research and education at Duke, as well as the strong bonds and friendships the residents have with each other and the faculty and staff.

What excites you about the residency program at Duke OB/GYN?

I'm excited to work and hang with my co-residents, be inspired and mentored by leaders in the field, and most importantly, learn how to care for and empower the women of Durham.

What are your career goals?

I hope to provide compassionate, evidence-based care and to advocate for the women I serve. I am interested in a career in academic medicine.

Describe your research interests/goals:

Health services research, including access to care, health policy and improving quality care.

What are your hobbies?

All things F&B, reading good fiction and practicing yoga when I can


Education & Training

Undergraduate school & graduation year:
Yale College, 2015

Medical school & graduation year:
Duke University School of Medicine, 2021



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Presentations & Posters

Wu, J., Montes de Oca, M.K., Strickland, K., & Previs, R.A. Threshold of tumor mutational burden and association with survival in ovarian cancer. Mid-Atlantic Gynecologic Oncology Society Annual Conference. (October 22, 2021). Virtual presentation.

Wu, J., Montes de Oca, M.K., Strickland, K., & Previs, R.A. Threshold of tumor mutational burden and association with survival in ovarian cancer. Society of Gynecology Oncology 2022 Annual Meeting. (March 18-21, 2022). Virtual poster.

Wu, J., Trahair, E.D., Happ, M., & Swartz, J.J. TikTok and #IUD: the user experience with intrauterine devices on social media. 2022 Society of Family Planning Annual Meeting. (December 3-5, 2022). Poster presentation.