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Alice Cooper, OGNP, RNC, Named Vice Chair for Ambulatory Services for Duke Ob/Gyn

Wednesday, November 4, 2020
Alice Cooper OGNP RNC

Alice Cooper, OGNP, RNC, has been named Vice Chair for Ambulatory Services for the Department of Ob/Gyn.

In an announcement to the Department today, Chair Matthew D. Barber, MD, MHS, announced the new role for the Department's previous Medical Director of Women's Ambulatory Services:

Since first naming Alice as Medical Director of Women’s Ambulatory Services three years ago, the importance and size of our ambulatory platform has grown. Her leadership has enabled Duke Ob/Gyn to enhance patient safety, improve efficiency and collaboration, provide world-class patient experience and achieve more convenient access to care. In recognition of these accomplishments, we are expanding Alice’s role and authority to the Vice Chair level, where she will join Dr. Brenna Hughes, Vice Chair for Obstetrics and Quality, and Dr. Anthony Visco, Vice Chair for Gynecology, in the leadership of our clinical affairs. Her extensive and dedicated years of service have played an important role in the success of our clinical practices, and her work has been outstanding in our efforts to advance the Department’s goal of becoming a national leader, recognized as the best in the Triangle for high-quality patient centered women’s healthcare. Through her guidance and expertise, we have been successful in the new era of value-based care and population health.

Alice has worked tirelessly to positively impact Department’s ambulatory clinics, working closely with Division Chiefs, Nurse Managers and clinic Health Center Administrators, with the highest priority being improving the patient experience and developing new and innovative collaborative models of care in our clinics.