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The Duke Urogynecology Division is a leader in research, education and clinical care.  Our internationally-recognized urogynecology faculty provide expertise in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery.  Our specialists are trained in the latest, cutting-edge procedures for the evaluation and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction to improve the lives of our patients.  

We are committed to training the next generation of urogynecologists and providing world-class clinical care. We focus on individualizing patient care and take pride in educating our patients about their conditions and available treatment options.


The Division of Urogynecology is actively involved in clinical research that translates into advances and improvements in clinical care.  Research opportunities are seamlessly integrated into clinical care as our research ideas are often inspired by conditions that our patients present with.

As leaders in clinical research we are able to provide state-of-the art options for the non-surgical and surgical care of our patients.


The Duke Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive (FPMRS) fellowship is a 3-year training commitment designed for the development of multi-faceted clinicians, surgeons, and leaders in the scientific field.  Entry into the program is competitive and candidates are selected from board-eligible Gynecology or Urology physician applicants.  

The fellowship program is focused upon training the next generation of pelvic floor specialists in the clinical treatment of pelvic floor disorders, advanced pelvic surgery techniques, and research skills for the advancement of clinical medicine and surgery.  We prepare physicians to have productive academic careers and become leaders in the field of urogynecology.

Patient Care

Duke’s Urogynecology team of doctors and nurses are specially trained to care for the unique needs of women with pelvic floor disorders.  

We offer a wide variety of minimally invasive options, including robotic surgery, that allows our patients to return to their normal lives sooner than with other traditional surgical approaches.  We specialize in the treatment of the vaginal walls that lose their support and may drop (vaginal prolapse), loss of bladder control (urinary incontinence), and loss of bowel control (accidental bowel leakage).  We also are equipped to evaluate patients for less common conditions such as abnormal connections between the vagina and nearby organs (vaginal fistula) and abnormalities of the urethra (urethral diverticulum).  

Our specialists are board-certified in Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery, which is a sub-specialty that requires advanced training after the completion of either Gynecology or Urology general training.  Our main goal is to help our patients understand their condition and treat them to get them back to their normal activities. 

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Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

Pelvic health PT is a specialized area of treatment that focuses on conditions directly related to the pelvis and pelvic organs. The treatment is non-surgical and designed to address the important and unique needs of pelvic health and wellness. Our therapists at Duke have completed extensive training to treat all pelvic health conditions to ensure expert and personalized care.


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