Urogynecologists Featured in Educational Resources on Lower Urinary Tract

Urogynecologist Cindy Amundsen, MD, is featured in an educational resource article with an accompanying activity sheet focused on what causes problems with the lower urinary tract, published by Futurum Careers. KURe scholar and urogynecologist Cassandra Kisby, MD, MS, is highlighted in a profile about her work as a physician-scientist, mentorship and clinical training.

Included in the article highlighting Dr. Amundsen's work, titled "What Causes Problems with the Lower Urinary Tract?" are the following sections:

  • Can lower urinary tract dysfunction be treated?
  • How is Cindy studying LUTD?
  • How does a countrywide research program like LURN work?
  • What has the project found?
  • What is next for LURN?

Information about language commonly used by urogynecologists, the pathway from school to gynecology and how to explore careers in gynecology, also are included.

"I find it very gratifying to pass on knowledge, skills and wisdom to the next generation, and I enjoy helping my mentees achieve more than they could do alone. Mentees also challenge me, helping me stay abreast of newest developments!" she states in the article.

Dr. Kisby addresses using regenerative medicine technologies (such as stem cells) to help women who have pelvic floor disorders or were born with differences in bladder and gynecologic anatomy. As a clinician-scientist, she has a diverse research profile that includes work involving 3D printing. "The key is to find a meaningful question or problem and think creatively," she notes.

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