Request for Proposals

The Review Committee looks forward to receiving your proposals for the upcoming funding cycle, with Important Dates, & Funding Details, and Eligibility/Application Requirements described below. 

  • Please contact no later than Wednesday May 1, 2024 to assist with budget preparation, if needed. 
  • All applicants must contact no later than Wednesday, May 8, 2024 to allow review of final budget and budget justification prior to submission. 
  • Applications must be submitted to by Friday, May 17, 2024 by 11:59pm EST. Please use “Last Name – July 2024 Hammond Submission” as the subject.

    o Please attach all files with the following naming convention: “Last Name_Document Type” Ex: Doe_Budget, Doe_ResearchPlan, etc. 

  • Award Dates – July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025 
  • Eligibility requirements
    o Fellow, Resident, PhD Candidate or Post-doctoral Associate in Duke ObGyn 
    o Primary mentors must be up-to-date with current Carter Club dues 
  • Budget Limits
    o Fellow, PhD Candidate, or PostDoc - $10,870 direct costs + $1,630 Departmental General & Administrative (G&A) costs ($12,500 total) 
    o Residents - $6,087 direct costs + $913 Departmental G&A ($7,000 total)
  • Unallowable Costs o Faculty Salary 
    o Travel support 
    o Publication fees
    o Non-salary expenses on individual items over $2500, unless approved by Office of Research 
  • Required NIH grant forms – Instructions and downloadable forms can be found via the links below:
    o Research Plan (4-page limit including Specific Aims) 
    o Biosketches for PI, mentor, and other important co-investigators 
    o Budget Detail Page (no modular format allowed) 
    o Budget Justification (no modular format allowed) 
  • A statistical analysis plan along with a named statistician or appropriate faculty member must be named within your Research Plan
  • Cover letter
    o Addressed to the “Charles Hammond Fund Review Committee”
    o Include title of study, PI name, faculty mentor name (if applicable) 
  • Letter of support from the mentor(s) and faculty member(s) describing their involvement in planning the study and intended involvement in study implementation 
  • Applications that do not meet all stated requirements will not be accepted for review 

Download RFP details