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MFM Fellowship Curriculum

The department has 16 maternal fetal medicine faculty members who boast various clinical, epidemiologic and basic research interests. There are approximately ten additional intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary support faculty members. These include participants from the Department of Radiology, Pediatrics (Neonatalogy), Women’s Anesthesia, and Medicine.

Year Breakdown

Year one of the fellowship focuses on clinical experience with rotations in ambulatory and in-patient high-risk obstetrics, prenatal diagnosis and genetics. Specific opportunities to develop research questions and meet with faculty mentors are included in the first year. The second year is devoted to course work and research as outlined in the Maternal Fetal Medicine Guide to Learning. The third year is focused on both clinical and research with experiences individualized to the specific fellow needs to prepare for future endeavors.


Fellows have the opportunity to obtain a Masters in Clinical Research during the fellowship as an option. The Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) has a robust clinical research operation as well as a Perinatal laboratory. Basic and clinical research opportunities are available within MFM and in collaboration with other medical center programs. The division has an outstanding basic research facility where fellows can engage in basic research under the mentorship of experienced basic research scientists and physician/scientists.

The Perinatal Research Laboratory is fully equipped to perform a wide range of molecular biology techniques and collaborates with laboratories across campus to facilitate the conduct of research. The clinical facilities are designed to accommodate clinical research interest of fellows and faculty. We perform over 3,300 deliveries per year at Duke University Hospital.

Patient Care and Facilities

Duke is a tertiary care referred center that accommodates a variety of pregnancy and medical complications. This provides the fellow an opportunity to participate in the care of women with significant medical complication that will prepare the fellow to serve as a consultant in high risk pregnancy care from those requesting input.

Our Fetal Diagnostic Centers in Durham, Raleigh and Cary perform over 20,000 fetal ultrasound evaluations and include training in fetal diagnostic procedures including amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, percutaneous umbilical blood sampling, fetal transfusion and other fetal procedures and treatments.

Formal divisional and departmental conferences, multiple medical center lectures and national meetings provide the opportunity for the fellows to participate and develop an academic career.

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